Mastering Services

Here you will find some technical explanations about mastering services:

  • Audio restoration
  • Mastering
  • Input files
  • Multitrack Mastering
  • Digital hi-res processing
  • Ditering-Dowsampling
  • Analog processing
  • Up to 24/96 audio master back-up
  • PQ encoding
  • CD text - CD extra - CD multisession
  • Quality control - Mastering output format - DDP

How a Mastering Session takes place

The client brings or sends via internet the material to work on.I gather all the information about the record, like the album title, artist, pieces titles, order and transition  time, UPC/EAN, ISRC codes, etc. It is also very useful to listen with the client the pieces or getting from him information or particular requests, to understand the aims of the artist or the producer in recording and mix. At the end of mastering a listening - evaluation copy is granted, and in this occasion the amount required for work is paid.The client listen to the mastered copy  on his  reference system (at home, in his studio, in his car, etc.), he values the work, and tell us about changes to be carried out, and only when the client is fully satisfied with the final result the  master is made. We give the final Master packet which includes a listening copy, and the copy to be sent to cd plant. At the end we make a  back- up copy which we keep in our archives. This copy includes either not processed  original material or the final master, we keep also each  machines set-ups (which is extremely useful and  profitable for possible future changes).

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